Sunday, January 24, 2016

THAT WILL LEAVE A MARK: Sacrifice to the Lord

Genesis 22
Series:That Will Leave A Mark

My guess is that the hardest assignment that Abraham ever had to do was to follow through on what the Lord asked him to do in Genesis chapter 22. In that passage, the Lord asks Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son, Issac, and in obedience Abraham embarks on a three-day trek to do what the Lord asked of him. This kind of obedience is remarkable; the level of sacrifice is remarkable. And this Sunday we will discover that if we are going to leave our mark on the lives of others, it will take "remarkable" sacrifice on our part. What we will learn is that our sacrifice is first and foremost to the Lord and then to others - and the by-product will be a legacy that will far outlast our lives.
Duration:33 mins 46 secs