Sunday, June 05, 2016

Mission: Love People

Matthew 22:39-40 by Art Stansberry

This past Sunday we started a new sermon series, focusing on the mission Christ has given to all His followers. We find this mission tucked away in the two Greatest Commandments and the Great Commission. This Sunday we will highlight the second part of the mission, which is to love people. Jesus said in Matthew 22:39, " . . . Love your neighbor as yourself." This is a tall order. So how do we complete this part of the mission? What we will discover this Sunday is that real love is supernatural and first requires a relationship with the Lord; we will also learn that real love is sacrificial; and, finally, we will find out that real love shines bright in a dark world. So join us this Sunday as, together, we learn how to love people.
Duration:31 mins 31 secs