Sunday, November 12, 2017

Call Me Crazy: Crazy Love

Luke 10:25-37 by Art Stansberry
Series:Call Me Crazy
This Sunday we will unpack the kind of love that we are to have for our neighbors. In Luke 10, Jesus is asked to clarify whom we should love, and He replies with a crazy parable that would have totally shocked His listeners. Jesus first of all points out that love is an action word. He says to the scribe in this passage, "go and DO likewise." So for the disciples of Jesus, love is not just a feeling, but it is an action that is purposefully taken. Also, Jesus calls His disciples to love without discrimination. We don't have the luxury of picking and choosing whom we will love, but we simply love just as Christ has loved us. To the world this kind of love sounds crazy, but for the disciples of Jesus, these are our marching orders.
Duration:31 mins 15 secs